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Deal. Former Trump adviser Roger stone says he believes his arrest in the special counsels. Russia probe was politically motivated, and he's failing to plead not guilty and fight the charges. Stone has now been charged with witness tampering. Obstruction in line. The congress US stocks finished broadly higher on Friday as tech companies jump to other companies that stand to benefit from faster economic growth. They can dust drills retailers also grows. I'm barton. Now this Bloomberg sports update. Theo Pinson, Davidson Shabazz Napier carried a nets bench that dominated the next even without Spencer Dinwiddie and the nets beat the next at the Barclays center one zero nine ninety nine for their sixth straight win. Pinson on the two way contracts. Scored a career-high nineteen points Davis seventeen points and sixteen rebounds. Napier at eighteen is the nets reserves turned around and then ran away with the game, even without Dinwiddie. There are six men who has torn ligaments in his right bummed. Trey Burke, scored twenty five points of online had a career high twenty two points and thirteen rebounds for the visiting Knicks. The next have now lost eight in a row in twenty one of their last twenty three National Hockey League in the midst of their all-star game break the all star game to be played later this evening on San Jose local college basketball, the victory for I ONA, they defeat writers seventy seven seventy one Quinnipiac over Marissa ninety two seventy eight in the Ivy league was yield seventy nine Brown's seventy one. Nobody joke that Jesus booked a spot in Sunday's men's final of the Australian Open with a dominant straight-set win over Frenchman. Lucas poli the world's number one job of its next faces Nidal and a rematch of the two thousand twelve final. Justin, Rose, six hundred sixty six that gave him a three shot lead going into the weekend at the farmers insurance. Open in San Diego. Tiger Woods was eleven shots behind after failing again to make enough putts. He shot another seventy well making another move to bolster their bullpen amounts of agreed to a ten million dollar two year contract with free agent. Left-hander? Justin Wilson, Mike Mussina has elected not to have a team logo on his hall of fame plaque in Cooperstown museum pitch ten years in Baltimore and finished his career with eight seasons in a Yankees uniform and football news. The National Football League's all time leading scorer will be back for at least one more season as the Indianapolis Colts have resigned kicker Adam Vinatieri to a one year contract. The forty six year old will play a twenty four th season. With a Bloomberg. Sports update. I'm Tom Rogers. This is Bloomberg opinion on Bloomberg radio. Bring you news comments and insights from Bloomberg opinions worldwide team of editors and columnists. I'm June Grasso. Coming up on the show. The reason Republicans fell in love with tax cuts. Plus, how retailers are struggling to understand tech? But first drugmakers ushered in the

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