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Up on the T. He's ready to go and several we thank you for joining us on this Sunday afternoon. Lions and ramps from Ford field and we're underway. Brought up in the kick Goodwin by Sam. We'll take barrow Cooper seven yards deep. It'll stay right there for the touchback Rams. Jared Goff will take over at their own twenty five yard line. And he comes in on a roll. Look at what he's done. He started all thirty three games. He's played over three years this year. Twenty six touchdowns what thirteen point five quarterback rating. This is a guy who is very confident very early in his career. He's got an offense that he's comfortable in hard to believe they were talking about giving up on this guy that that guy might have been a bus a year ago Todd Gurley in the backfield leads the NFL with fourteen hundred eighty four yards from scrimmage. They'll do a lot of different things to get the ball into his hand. He's Mabel receiver is well, I contend ranch turn gives the girly over the right side. Take down as he gets to the twenty seven yard line for a gate of two. I met in Gerry Davis that time. That'll bring up a second down and eight. And I think a great match up is gonna be our defense affront versus the Rams the office alive. The Rams have very good office alive, and they're very capable of running the ball. Out of the huddle the Rams com. Golf's get a move in behind center. Single back OB girly. Lot of shifting before the snap. Bakkies girly Goff to throw looks throws pot to I down to the forty two yard line. Brandin cooks with the cat. Fix up fifteen yards and moves the change cooks closing in on a thousand yard. He'd be the first player in NFL history to go over a thousand three straight years with three different teams. Did it for the saints? Did it for the patriots very close to do it for the Rams, and you also have Robert wolves that has over nine hundred yards catching too. So they could have to receive stop the thousand yard Mark. I intend now Rams from their own forty two cooks in motion to the right to grow again. Looking right throws out there. It is incomplete. It is intended for cooks that time he had Christian Jones and cupboards that something to keep an eye on. They see that match up low. They're going to like it in Los Angeles. Good thing about that was devan was able to get fresh all Jared Goff. And he wasn't able to step into the growing really completes the past. That's dascomb to be the key. Can we get pressure on him brings up a second down and ten now for the Rams golf is gonna work out of the gun? He's got girly to his left three receivers to the right side. One of the left. Lyon show a four man front. Takes the snap. Back to pass four man. Rush dot looks rose over the middle. Flag comes in late it sailed over their head that time of woods. Darius slay was the coverage. Flag came in from deep in the secondary. Like, it's going to be against the lions. Interference defense number twenty three automatic. I o so penalty called against Darius slay. That'll move the ball into the lions territory. Los Angeles, a first down at the forty nine excuse me. It's going to be the forty six yard line. And that has really seemed like it couldn't have been called. It just seemed like it was to too from for the Rams Wagner, all Forty-six girly. Again, these go buy snacks that time Harrison was in their Christian Jones was. There will be a loss on the play back inside the forty five yard line you right? That was great penetration. Upfront by snags dolls is able to penetrate and get up in there. And that we won't have to see a lot of that early in the dials, especially just the run of the Los Angeles Rams. So it's going to be second down need eleven now Los Angeles from their own forty five yard line, and the de LAN hasa Pippen, they still I like the way the beeline line is planning early shotgun. Snap to golf back to pass looks throws over the middle of this. Mike cooks track down from behind gets into lions territory at the forty eight yard line tackle by Quadri digs. It's going to bring up a third down for the Rams as they pick up seven on the play. Now it may not show in sacks. But again pursers hitting the hand in the face of a quarterback making the cornerback move around in the pocket. Those are also things that happened. When you got a nice pass rush. Malcolm Brown checks in. It's gonna be third down three for Las Angeles ball just inside the forty eight. They need the forty four to move. Chains. Five of the play golf. Takes the shotgun. Snap back to pass lines. Bring a blitz dot those deep right side is incomplete receiver may get off the route that time on a different page to golf with through a deep down field around. The twenty yard line is gonna bring up fourth down. Gerald Everett backup tight end was the intended receiver maligns will force a ram putting Johnny Hecker will come out. Well, I like what the lie is again showing a different look having guys up in the air, gaps the linebackers walk-off showing.

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