US-China trade truce seen boosting stock market


Brexit altogether for more. We're joined by Bloomberg's EMMY unused are actor, David merrit. Who's with us in the studio. Good morning. David great to have you with us. So. Bloomberg is talking about a fresh Brexit battle that may have to face this week. What is that about? Well, there's a technical issue that the labor party now raised this is about the legal advice at the government's been given behind closed doors about whether the what the implications are of they're still now the attorney general Geoffrey Cox, he'll be talking to lawmakers later on today. The conservative party is saying we will not release mentioned, it's privileged. Client, attorney information. The little potus saying this is too big a deal for us to be in the dark about we want to hear about it. Now. Some of these details, of course, Lee had leaked over the weekend. It seemed unconfirmed reports about what this advice says why the conservatives not wanting to release it because it's obviously makes quite uncomfortable. Reading it includes apparently an assertion that the Irish backstop suggestion could trap Britain indefinitely into this customs arrangement with the European Union. So that's potentially explosive. It means yet more negative sentiment. Around this deal, and it's perhaps persuade even more Tory. Backbench MP's to vote against the government in this big vote next week. How's this week on to play out? David. I mean, the debates officially starts tomorrow parliament rights when it comes to the divorce deal. That's right. We're going to see many hours of debate on this issue led by various ministers in the house of Commons this week. This question about the legal legal argument is actually a little bit more long-term, even if there was a motion to try to force the government. I think we've got time for that to go through parliament's and hoping that just the publicity around it may force the government's hand. But yes, we're going to see lots of debates in parliament as the week goes on. And maybe as we get closer to that vote on the eleventh of December. There are reports in much of the British press about whether the rich are going to go ahead with it. If the numbers still looks so bad is she gonna keep plowing on and have a vote, which he may lose by one hundred two hundred votes. I think that's the big. Question. This week is is it really sustainable for. Mrs may go ahead with something which is looking about all people are going to start changing their mind. This idea of a confidence vote coming straight off to you know, this may actually serve in Mrs Maes favor because it may shop in the minds of some payroll MP's who think will you know, what I'm actually going to pull back from the brink at the last minute. Just very briefly David are you saying there's a possibility? The December eleventh vote might not happen various reports the sun newspaper suggesting some ministers are lobbying for that to happen. Maybe postpone it maybe asked MRs may to go back to Europe because the European Council meets a few days after towards the end of next week. Voters on winnable. There's nothing I can do I need to have some more concessions as you said earlier. Of course, the European leaders have said, it's this deal or no Brexit all so they've been pretty firm. Yeah. They've been saying no nine talk all along. Thanks so much David merrit for talkies through these different strands. Hey, when it comes to the Brexit story this morning. Let's get global news now within bugs Leon guarantee and good morning, Nara in France. President Macron is ordering his prime minister to hold talks with political leaders and demonstrators all the best movement. This comes after another weekend of protests in Paris beanbags. Scrapers Cousy reports the president returned Sunday to inspect the damage and hold an emergency cabinet meeting afterwards, indicating is open to dialogue with the so called yellow vest who opposes tax in environmental policies, but the yellow vest movement is totally new phenomenon France, and so far hasn't been able to introduce any leadership and its demands keep growing in Paris, Gregory, whiskey. Bloomberg daybreak Europe. Andrea Manuel Lopez over dole was inaugurated as Mexico's president on Saturday. Greenberg's Eric Martin says he's beginning to outline his vision for the country in his speech in the lower house of congress. He delivered a blistering attack on the energy industry overhaul passed under his predecessor investors are now looking to see which side of Lopez over or emerges as leader of the nation in Mexico City. Eric Martin, Bloomberg daybreak Europe. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin, yes in your who is facing new corruption accusations with police recommending he stand trial for alleged bribery in a third case investigators say they have evidence that he traded influence for favors something. The prime minister denies the decision to charge allies with these Walia Torney general and delegates from two hundred countries are in Poland for a major conference on global warming here today. Tens of thousands of protesters marched through Brussels to demand a commitment to tackling climate change. The two weeks summits has been described as the most critical since a deal to reduce emissions in Paris in two thousand and fifteen they will news twenty four hours a day on air and tick tock on Twitter powered by more than twenty seven hundred journalists listenable than one hundred twenty countries. I'm Leon gerrans. This is Bloomberg Markus. Thanks so much Leon guarantees for bringing us up to date there. Now coming up here on Bloomberg daybreak Europe. Paul Donovan global chief economist at UBS is going to be joining us next plenty to talk about when it comes to the trade headlines, as of course, seeing this risk on rally across asset classes, I guess you could say it's been a long time coming with how beaten down particularly equities have been since the September peak. But you're seeing the stock six hundred up one point nine percent looking at the industry groups in terms of what's performing the best commodity producers. No surprise carmakers. No surprise tech, though is something that has caught. My attention is what we saw in terms of the NASDAQ futures outperforming p. Dow futures and text shares also outperform me in the Asian session, particularly with the lack of detail over this truce between the US and China, but anyway, equities rallying Boyle has been rallying strongly. You're seeing the EM complex rally on a weaker dollar at the ten year treasury yield moving higher by four and a half basis points. This is Bloomberg. Streams

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