Justin Fairfax, Meredith Watson And Virginia discussed on Ric Edelman


Halls for Virginia's Lieutenant governor to resign intensify. After a second woman says she was sexually assaulted by him. Meredith Watson says Justin Fairfax raped her when they were both students at Duke University in two thousand then in a second statement released yesterday, Watson's attorney said Fairfax is trying to smear her client with a typical. She's nuts defense by revealing that she was the victim of another rate. Once she told him about Watson says Fairfax use that information against her in his own statement. Fairfax says he never forced himself on anyone ever. And will not resign. But instead will work to clear his name Watson's accusations. Come after Dr Vanessa Tyson said Thursday Fairfax sexually assaulted her in two thousand four among those calling for Fairfax to step down the Virginia legislative black caucus and Loudon county board of supervisors chair and Fairfax's friend Phyllis Randall, both agree. That she works to clear his name. We still have to govern in the state, and we still have to have an agenda governors the president of the Senate. And so it's. It can't just be about one person clearing their name that has to be about the Commonwealth with. What is good for the Commonwealth delegate? Patrick hope democrat from Arlington says a fear fats doesn't voluntarily stepped down. You'll try to force them out. I believe these

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