Moving to an Electric Future, GM Zaps the Chevy Volt


Business wars daily is brought to you by pay pal. When it comes to growing, your business, you need a partner you can trust for today and tomorrow and pay pal processes over ten million payments per day. That's experience you can rely on. Visit pay pal dot com slash growth to set up a free business account today. From wondering, I'm David Brown. And this is business wars daily on this Wednesday, December nineteenth the Chevy volt is going away. Critics loved the plug in hybrid car launched by General Motors, twenty ten and so did many drivers. But despite high marks for performance and design vote never achieved mass appeal the most volts GM ever sold in a single year was in two thousand sixteen when customers purchase twenty five thousand of them. But that number paled in comparison to one of the votes biggest rivals that Toyota Prius, which sold five times as many in two thousand sixteen in part due to the good reputation. Asian cars enjoy the volts low sales volume was a problem because it's very expensive to build with two engines one electric one gas it requires its own assembly line, meaning workers can't substitute other vehicles to adapt. To changing demand. The Wall Street Journal reports that for a while GM lost up to ten thousand dollars on every volt it sold. Ironically, GMC, oh, Mary Barra is shuttering the votes production closing its plant as part of a larger plan to transition GM. You guessed it to more electric and self driving vehicles responding to criticism from auto workers and Donald Trump over plant closures Boris said, it's the right time to invest in innovating for the future. Whether those innovations will draw from Toyota's success with the Prius or from other car makers is unknown BMW recently announced it's investing two hundred million euros to build a flexible assembly line of its own immune IC plant one that can handle cars with a hybrid electric or an internal combustion engine that flexibility could save millions for automakers in the midst of messy transitions to an electric future. That's getting closer and closer. From wondering this is business wars daily. Hey, if you've Audi learning about what's coming down, the road, share business wars daily, your friends and colleagues widget sent an Email or give them a call and tell them how to subscribe and. Thanks, I'm David Brown. See you tomorrow. Business wars daily is brought to you by pay pal when Zeke was a kid spending summers on his grandfather's farm. He knew he wanted to be part of bringing wholesome food to people. He started his artisanal Honey company be raw by creating a network of dozens of beekeepers across the country when he got his Honey into high in national stores, he thought he'd made it, but when he saw his margins decreasing due to distributor fees and seasonal production. Made it difficult to meet retail demands Lee decided to take his products primarily online from the get-go. He featured pay pow prominently on his site because he knew it gave his customers confidence that he was a legitimate business with quality products over the past five years. Pay palace helped him convert more clicks into sales and expand his business. He's grown every year and added new items like t candles and beauty products. So when you're ready to grow your online business. Pay pal can help you turn shoppers into buyers. Visit pay pal dot com slash growth to set up a business account. You can sign up for free today. That's pay pal dot com slash growth.

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