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Exclamation point win number eleven over a power five team down in the Florida Gators. That's the main objective. I think this team understands it practices has been very good sharp. Sometimes we'd have a one week or two week layoff from full team practices, you see rust, but I think I've been really crisp and understand that this is a very good Florida team. And we're going to have to play one of our best games of the season to be able to win it and lasting football related. A couple of whether coach staffer I'm gradually since two coach mcelwain now up at central Michigan. And then coach prince who was here as an analyst is down there at Howard now. And for you. It's it's a go get them kind of thing. Right. You you look forward to seeing your guys blossom under you and then flourish. Elsewhere, not usually how it works at your as a head coach. One hundred one thousand percent, yes, really happy for Jim mcelwain. I really liked Jim. And I think he'll do a great job at central very happy for him. Rob prints did a did a great job for our team this year as an analyst great Greg getting to know him. And also you hired Elijah San Weiss who's who's a local product here from Ann Arbour who was a defensive analyst allies is going to be Ron's defensive coordinator. So when when those type of things happen, you're very very happy and excited for for those men Wednesday going to be good. We're gonna have some fireworks and signing grabble. Couple hours on a whole group mean And it is it is. just can't wait to have be Michigan. Wolverines more with Dave Granado head trainer for Michigan football. And of course, Jimmy Jack Harbaugh and we continue on attack each day the Harbaugh's podcasts..

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