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Lights plus at participating locations. They even service breaks without an appointment. Jiffy lube, DC dot com. AL, traffic and weather. Here's Ed Rodriguez in the carpet cleaning traffic center, we've been talking about some of the vacation getaway. Here you go. Here's what's happening on the beltway interleukin Tyson's corner is jammed from route seven to the two seventy spur then in Bethesda, the delay in old Georgetown road starts there. But doesn't end till central avenue in Largo were jammed again in oxen hill all the way from Indian head highway to van Dorn street. Now Andrea outer loop GM from the Springfield interchange. The Wilson bridge branch to Kenilworth avenue, then Bethesda from old Georgetown road the little river turnpike now from garage door repair dot com. WMA oh Weather Channel forecast. Tonight. Low thirty seven range tomorrow, high forty nine it's forty six Boeing forty nine at Reagan national Lima rail de on Washington's mall WBAL to Larry O'Connor shell.

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