NFL Cumulus Station, Montaigne Nicholson And Jay Gruden discussed on Larry O'Connor


W NFL Cumulus station. Where Washington comes to talk. AL news at three thirty. I'm Maria leaf. Israeli officials say they respect the US has decision to withdraw troops from Syria. President Trump declares the war with ISIS in that country, quote, one Israeli ambassador to the UN Danny Danon says the fight against ISIS has dealt a terror group a crippling blow for sure we we can tear that has been defeated in. You can argue whether completed or not but overhaul we can agree with the international community the fight against successful. The Federal Reserve raising its key interest rate for the fourth time this year that quarter point hike to arrange two hundred quarter percent two and a half percent has lifted the Fed's benchmark rate to its highest point since two thousand eight wwl sports brought to you by the TJ Martell foundation. The Redskins will face the titans on Saturday. One person who won't be taken. The field is Montaigne Nicholson was arrested yesterday after a fight outside a bar at one this head. Coach Jay Gruden.

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