James Harden's 60-point triple-double made NBA history


Last night. Jake's became the first player since March of two thousand to score sixty points and grabbed fifteen rebounds in the same game. Week effort because to God's looked at never a good thing for your now, get stand when you say Stu gods had the thought before I did. It's really it's no good. Let's be honest. I stole it from somewhere. I know you stole by the way. Guts it's nine thirty four mountain times. The second best nugget from stand Van Gundy about James harden, which makes it about the ninth best noggin because he's had nothing. But James harden, nuggets, he's on the James harden beat he's like, what would what window or system? Lebron? The n Van Gundy. His James harden. Go ahead. What's your second? Best talking. Not only is James harden. A great player. He's the hero of the analytics guys who only want players to shoot free throws layups in threes last night in New York. He became the first player in league history to shoot twenty three's and twenty free throws in the same game. That's a good one. Stan you should be proud of that one. We'll give you a hard time. But that was a good one. And finally, the best James harden nugget from this week is. Speaking of hardens, free throw attempts. He shut twenty five last night and leads the league shooting almost twelve again, focus on him being given calls as a major reason for his success. But the fact is if we eliminated free throws and only counted field goals twos. And threes heartened would still. Yes. Those final twos. Yeah. He brought it after you took his original original thought I wanted to ask you about a story segues awkwardly. It fascinated me yesterday in the Atlantic because it was exhaustively reported, and I believed to be among these public figures who have shamed themselves. Louis C K Kevin Spacey. I believe it. About that.

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