Afghan official: 30 civilians die during battle with Taliban


In Yemen's war despite growing. Opposition from Democrats NPR's. Greg Murray has more of the Pentagon chiefs testimony in a closed session of the Senate intelligence committee. His prepared remarks Defense Secretary Jim Mattis described the US role in Yemen is two fold first the US pursues Al Qaeda and Islamic state militants who operate with relative freedom in the chaotic country. Second the US, trains, and assists. Saudi Arabia for that country's bombing campaign against the who tease the rebel group that controls much of the country. These US operations are under increased scrutiny is the war grinds on and the humanitarian crisis worsens, a growing number of Democrats are calling on the US to scale back or even in its military action in Yemen. Mattis disagrees, noting peace talks are plan next month in Sweden. Greg. Mary NPR news, Washington. A federal grand jury New Jersey is bringing charges against two Iranian citizens in a high tech scheme that crippled computer systems around the world NPR's Windsor, Johnston reports of Justice. Department announcing today a ransomware scheme known as Sam Sam targeted computer systems at hospitals, municipalities and businesses in the US Britain and Canada deputy attorney general rod Rosenstein says the defendants use sophisticated software to extort millions of dollars in ransom payments. The indictment alleges that the defendants demanded payments in the form of a virtual currency known as bitcoin, it is a common currency for criminal schemes, including websites that distribute shop pornography and deadly opioid drugs as well as ransomware and other tools used for extortion. The Justice department says this game netted more than six million dollars, extortion payments. The two men remain fugitives and are believed to be in Iran Windsor, Johnston, NPR news, Washington. The fed chair offers an upbeat assessment on the US economy today. And then stocks surged Dow up five hundred fifty one points more than two percent twenty five thousand three hundred this is NPR news. Trump loyalists Cindy Hyde. Smith returns to the US Senate is the first woman the state of Mississippi has ever elected to congress until now she was an appointee filling the seat left vacant when Senator Thad Cochran left in April for health reasons. Hyde Smith defeated democratic former agriculture secretary, Mike Espy and yesterday Senate runoff the campaign became more racially charged in the final days after Hyde. Smith joked about being willing to make voting difficult and attend public hangings. She later apologized while also saying she did not intend anything racist SP who is black replied that. He didn't know what was in her heart, but knew what came out of her mouth. Turkish media say a dozen missing pieces from an ancient mosaic have been returned to Turkey from the United States NPR's. Peter Kenyon has that story the Roman era artifact known as the gypsy girl. Mosaic had. Pieces taken and smuggled out of Turkey in the nineteen sixties and they were later sold to bowling green state university after lengthy negotiations between the university, and Turkey's culture and tourism ministry. An agreement was reached in may to return the pieces. The state news agency reports they arrived in Istanbul Tuesday. And we'll be sent to Gazi where there'll be displayed before being restored to the mosaic. Peter Kenyon, NPR news. Well, the major market indices you're getting roughly two percent boost from the feds upbeat assessment of the economy earlier today, the Dow is up two and a quarter percent. Nasdaq is up nearly two and a half percent S and P five hundred up nearly two percent.

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