Venezuela’s Opposition Gears Up for Major Protests


To come. Now. The opposition Venezuela is gearing up for another day of demonstrations today against President Nicolas Maduro, they'd been cold by the country's opposition leader and self-declared. Interim president one Guido in an effort to push the military to turn against leader Nicolas Maduro, Mr. guidos claims have been backed by more than twenty countries, including the United States. They've called on president Maduro to step down and call early elections. Request the president is flatly refused. Our correspondent all Garin is in Caracas the capital, and she told me more about these upcoming demonstrations build by one Guido as the biggest in the history of Venezuela. Well, he certainly made some very bishops predictions about what the turn is will be. We do expect it to be large. There is a real sense here that there is a head of steam building behind the opposition leader one Guido, the timing of the protest on Saturday is important a deadline was issued by major European countries. Four Saturday saying that if President Nicolas Maduro did not call fresh elections by then then this would trigger further recognition of fun does. So we are expecting Britain France Spain and Germany to recognize him on Saturday. If new elections are not called. There are pro government demonstrations planned as well. That sounds a little ominous in terms of the potential for violence. What Saturday is an important adversary Serie for supporters of the socialist government here. It's the twentieth. Anniversary of the coming to power of the late Hugo Chavez, so they were planning to Mark that day. It's possible. That the two groups will clash tomorrow, we had smaller demonstrations earlier this week a client of a lunchtime protests that was called by fond Guido, and we did see some supporters of the president. I was at that time as well on the streets. And certainly he does still have support. There are some very entrenched areas of support for him, for example, among the military leadership and many of whom are believed to have a vested interest in his survival and the protesters, what's your feeling are they all supportive of one guy Widodo are they simply anti president Madero. I think it's a bit of both. I think certainly people here among the activists community have been looking for a standard bearer, they see on quite was representing the possibility of change. I think there is a sense that will many that really what they want is the end of nNcholas Maduro they have had enough after all of the ruinous economic policies that have been introduced in the last few. Two years. We have been speaking to some of those this week who have been out taking part in the protests at one is a twenty five year old activist called Federica Romar. She's also the mother of a six month old baby girl, and I asked her why as a young mother it was so important for her to be part of this drive for a new Venezuela. It's important to me. Because even though with we've been through so much already. You know, it's it's important to me to grow up in Venezuela that I know it's there it's important from tool forgot to grow up in a Venezuela. Where people we used to be the happiest people on earth. You know? How do you feel that? There is a real prospect of change this time because there have been moments in the past there were protests in two thousand seventeen for example. But nothing really changed. How do you see things now? I think this year is definitely different. We definitely have hoped this time because everything is on our site right now, everything is on our side legally constitutionally time is perfect. So I am certainly

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