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And never developed. So tag alley. So. Lindsay Lohan Britney Spears. Holy right layer, like you cannot be any of these people to be fucking normal through them on TV five years old difference. Someone like jaylo? Mariah Carey is. Sure. Mariah Carey has compl- Jlo's house. Also, jaylo will never ever ever ever know what it's like to change the world with just over Quercia, which is a huge different pressure. Mariah Carey out some right? Carries hustle. Wasn't do the acting. You know, it was just like I just have to have the voice wants the voice doesn't do. What you expect it to do? Can't imagine it's devastating and she could win Houston never did drugs or smoke. She would sound the exact day the voice, obviously matures, but she had such great technique pad to the bell salons amazing. It's still singing into the stratosphere every song starts. I mean, it's up in the strategy. So Mariah Carey. She sounds good. She's working at it doubted. But the voice she doesn't have the command over the voice the way she used to. All right. I like this new segment, I think that you might be on for ever do it with. 'cause you're so good at it. It's like someone else might not have the interest. And we what I like about this podcast is we don't ever really touch on pop culture. It's like there's plenty of does you can watch e all day long. You know, so we don't really ever need to do it. So it's fun. I know our listeners probably interested. So I think it's great oppressions are so spot. Thank you so much, but I wanna buy you. Are you had been about shark? We did like the fall from grace stars. But like are you beyond say fan? She say is amazing. Okay. Just checking. All right. We try make sure you're one of us. Hard to not like I think people who go after her like pick on things that are like say you pick on her legs. She's like private life. And isn't look she's an entertainer. She's entertaining. Isn't she she's producing music? She looks great dances. Great. She's an icon. Fuck off, right. She's the she's the most drama, you bother dragons a joke like the most trauma. She was ever involved. In was leeann happening around her. She wasn't even doing the drama. I say this all the time point one scandal out to me, eight years, don't get political Raina people come times, they're like don't get political. I'm like. We're not a fact I know people here I'm game. Mexican they want to build a double all around me people here Obama, and they're triggered. You're just a load in this like your glassed in. There's also steel around. To wrap up. I wanna know where people can find you plug all your stunned. So in whatever you want, you do a podcast with Emma Wellman on our show who we love so much. But anyways, you talk out where people can find you Instagram, your shows, etc. I'm on Instagram Matteo lane ATT Elliott, if you don't like naked pictures of men or drawings of storm from the X men don't follow if you like the taste following. I'm trying I'm trying to I'm trying to build that up with such a stupid thing to say I'm going to be in. I don't know where I'm going to be out February fifth in New York City. I'm doing my Barbra Streisand show here at Joe's pub, stop where I recreate her show from the bone Soir nineteen sixty to sing for music, just as me, I don't dress like, but I sing her music with Henry Persky,

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