U.S. Womens Soccer Team to play at Levis in advance of World Cup


You're listening to the spoken edition of the San Francisco Chronicle. U S women's soccer team to play at Levi's and advance of World Cup till Alice. The head coach of the US women's national soccer team has made no secret of how much she enjoys her teams appearances in the bay area. So it's no surprise that. The US team will make a local stop on its countdown to the Cup tour in advance of the two thousand nineteen women's World Cup in France. As the team sets it sight on a fourth World Cup championship. Would is a surprise. However is the choice of venue rather than play at via stadium. As in recent years. The women will take on the vast expanses of Levi's stadium. Arguably the most popular national team in the country. The US women will play South Africa on may twelve at one thirty pm at Levi's which holds sixty eight thousand five hundred the matches part of a ten game series to prepare and promote the team in advance of the women's World Cup which begins on June. Seventh in France the team will begin their journey and LA opera France playing the talented World Cup hose. France in January and then play Spain Alicante Spain before returning to the United States. The countdown to the Cup will continue in variety of NU's a few soccer specific stadiums some NFL stadiums. And even a baseball stadium Busch stadium in St Louis. The last time the US team played in an NFL venue Qualcomm in San Diego in July two thousand seventeen they drew twenty one thousand ninety six in the past four year cycle since their championship in the last World Cup the largest crowd. They drew was forty four thousand twenty eight at Heinz field just a month after winning their third World Cup title the US women famously turned conventional wisdom on its head in the nineteen ninety nine World Cup. When their games were played at NFL stadiums, though, many doubters scoffed beforehand that the event could fill such a large building the events were sold out and changed perceptions of the popularity of women's sports when the United States took on Chile in a friendly at via stadium last September Ellis professed her love for the venue. We do. Of coming here. She said, obviously, the stadium and the surface and the fans, but also where we stay. We talk about the holistic feeling of playing we love coming here. And obviously, we've got a few local players this stadium and the surface will be different, but the rest will be the same Levi's among the players with local ties who will be part of the pool. Vying to make the final roster are Alex Morgan Cal Juliet's Santa Clara abbey doll Kemper, Menlo Park, Meghan Rappeneau reading Kelley O'Hara Stanford, Kristen press Stanford. Andy Sullivan, Stanford and Tiernan Davidson Stanford the team will learn what awaits in France this Saturday when the World Cup draw is held in Paris tickets for the countdown to the Cup will go on sale to the general public on December thirteenth at ten AM.

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