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Let's look now at Canada, which has been presented with a possible diplomatic pickle by the diligence of its police Mang run jail chief financial officer of mobile fund, coons Phob mobile phone concern who runs this way and daughter of the company's founder walls detained at Vancouver airport on Saturday on an extradition request issued by the United States who want to word on charges as yet unknown. Canada's Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has today insisted that his government had no involvement in the arrest though. It's difficult to imagine Beijing replying along the lines of. Well, that's okay. Then Thomas in Toronto. How big thing has this been in Canada? She was arrested on Saturday. The story came out on Wednesday. It's been a huge story here. I'm in Canada wa way has been at the center of a lot of media coverage here for some time. Now. In terms of its ambitions and nefarious or otherwise, frankly about what's it kind of once from having this kind of big presence logically and economically in Canada. I think the relationship between China and Canada has also been a raw the big topic for Justin Trudeau for some time as well. He has risen tire premiership pretty much being trying to forge a trade deal directly with Beijing, which is hit several hurdles from Beijing sites. So this whole recent stories the arrest on Saturday, as you say is really a pretty complicated situation for Justin Trudeau it was revealed yesterday in a press conference that he was made aware that this arrest is imminent. I'm he has been forced to to make pretty clear. However, there was no political involvement from Canada in anything to do with. We are of course, looking at the US Canada relationship in a kind of new. Era phebus. Well, we saw G twenty summit Aries recently, the signing of the the new NAFTA trade deal, and that was such a fraught process that it really did sort of take US Canada relations to something of the brink as well. So there's really a lot at play here. And the Canadian media is doing his best. I think it's fair to say to try and pick as unpick any of those as many as those strands as possible Thomas, do you think Beijing or does it seem like Beijing is going to be much mollified? Boy, Justin Trudeau's Ernest invocations of the separation between the executive and the judiciary. I don't think. So actually, I think, you know, Beijing, of course, I think you're seeing this as a as a fight with the US predominantly, and whether it wants to characterize Canada's involvement in this is kind of being a bit the puppet as opposed in some ways to the US demands, given the fight between the US and China is so. Cute right now, I think that will do no favours Canada. Really if it wants to pursue a closer relationship in terms of trade, given the especially we're looking at economic forecast for Canada. And it's expected to slows the national economy in the year to come at the moment. It is the second fastest growing economy in the g seven, but it's been hit pretty hard by I'm oil prices and ongoing economic insurgency in outburts, which is the oil and gas straighter are producing heartland here in Canada.

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