Jay Beagle talks about being first player in history to win Kelly Cup, Calder Cup and Stanley Cup


Feed. With a new career? Goals. See the season pitching. Jani beg scarred. Across there. With more. Seconds. Are you kidding? May actually have the man himself. Jay beagle. The newest member of the Vancouver Canucks. Joining us right now fresh off signing a four year contract. With Parker straddling cutting off the left Vigo Deeks. Assure for TV. I is and Vancouver counseling. Friedman. There's only one player in the history of the game was won the Kelly was on the caller and the Stanley. Is our guest Jean Vigo Juno that might away not for you wear. This was not aware that until until you went last year, Washington capital. That's exactly it. And they said I think game three of the of the finals, and it was something that I never even thought of it. So it's pretty cool. That is great to be answer of good trivia question. A useless. That one is a good answer. And it's a piece of history and first of all welcome the podcast. Thanks so much for having me. It is unique piece of history. And you know, we're seeing more and more Alex Barros real touchstone for this as well. The other players have done it once upon a time, the H L was okay. I'm just gonna put off growing up for a few more years and play hockey and pick up a couple of bucks. But now, more and more. We're seeing players starting at the level up the American League and into the NHL more consistently. I know you're only there briefly. But was your e c h l experience like there was awesome. You know, it really was you know, went to Boise. And I thought it was the NHL really I treated it that way I always have every every league I've gone into. It's my NHL. It's the highest that I've ever played I was playing professional hockey, and obviously a blessing to be there. I was so excited and and didn't take one day for granted. I just remember getting there and seeing that first game as I write I think. Arrived at like six o'clock that night, and we played it seven and I didn't play that game. And I think there's a bench clearing brawl and. It was just an insane game to watch against a rival. It was just really cool to be there. And then to get you know to get in to have that experience in a winner Kelly Cup with them experience. All never forget. And and it's a huge, you know, stepping stone for why I got to play in the NHL. There's probably a ton of Z H L players. Now who watched you win the Stanley Cup last year and became aware of that stat that are sitting there and saying I can do that. Like, I'm going to be that guy. That's my dream. And I'm curious when you were on that path where most of your family and friends supportive of you. Or was there anybody who said Jay, you know, maybe it's time to find something else to do. Yeah. I know they've always been supportive. Yeah. It was always supportive always positive. You know, I never was drafted in any league. So it was one of those things where I just kept playing because I love to play. I really did. I just I love the play hockey. And where was the next place I could play so from college. I I got the opportunity to go to Boise, and it was. It was something that you know, everyone was real positive excited for me. They they, you know, I never looked too far in the future. I always was just, you know, living in the moment. And so no one was ever. Okay. It's not gonna work out for you. You're not that good. So yeah, no, it was always very experienced morbid curiosity because people have asked me if if you hadn't made in media, what would you do? And I always answer. I'd be a lawyer. And I'd be miserable. If you hadn't if you hadn't made in hockey. What would you be doing electronic? Yeah. One of my best friend's father was an electrical. Yeah. Yeah.

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