Vice President, Mike Pence And President Trump discussed on Michael Brown


Station. Speaking directly to the people. I'm Lisa lacerra, Fox News. President Trump said to address the nation tomorrow night to make the case for the border wall. As the government shutdown is now in its third week the asthma coming after vice President Mike Pence and the homeland security secretary updated reporters that the situation on the board. Vice president saying that the day after Christmas the White House may what he called a good faith offer. The Democrats to say, listen, we'll take two point five billion dollars for the wall is part of a border security package. The vice president sank Democrats wouldn't even entertain the idea and in talks over the weekend, the vice president and the secretary of homeland security saying that the Democrats won't even budge on border security until the government is reopened. So they are clearly at an impasse. Which is why the president is going to take to the national airwaves tomorrow night and address the nation from the Oval Office, which is the first time he's going to do that and make this an urgent issue of national security. John Roberts at the White House. All the major networks have now signed onto air the address New York, congressman Jerry Nadler, chair of the House Judiciary committee vowing to fight any efforts by the president to build the border wall. Authorities in California making an arrest after a deadly shooting at a bowling alley and karaoke bar. Fox's Steve Rappaport has this live police say Forty-seven-year-old Reginald Wallace opened fire at Gable? House bowl on the city of Torrens Friday night, killing three people two of them reportedly lost their lives trying to break up a fight that led to the shooting. Four people were also injured video shows a brawl before shots rang out as patrons screened and ran for cover. The torrance. Police department says Wallace served seventeen years in prison for assault with a deadly weapon with a firearm before getting paroled in two thousand seventeen he's being held at the Los Angeles County jail without bail, Lisa. Thanks, steve. On Wall Street, the Dow added ninety eight.

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