How Anti-Vaxxers Resurrected a Deadly Threat to Kids


Had a story yesterday about vaccinations outbreak. Always I don't want to get into an act an anti vaccine. Conversation because I'm not a doctor, and I can't give sound medical advice on the issue. But. But I will read the story now with the measles outbreak impacting the west coast, the anti vaccine movement is coming under fire from doctors and other critics now while the Austin metro has not seen any measles outbreak, yet public health director. Phil Wong an expert on this kind of thing are public health director. He would know he went to class. He took a class. CBS Austin this area is one of fourteen hotspots across America with an increased number of unvaccinated kids that are not getting the United States. There are actually a public health threat as we're seeing with some of these recent outbreaks now did you hear what the doctor said if you decide not to get your child vaccinated, you are creating a public health threat. You are a threat to the public absolutely about fifty percent of the students at Austin's Waldorf school are unvaccinated. Good god. Yeah. And across the state fifty six thousand kids are unvaccinated. I didn't realize the numbers for that high. Austin Waldorf school is in a private school GTS lost Waldorf, I'm assuming that's a private school. Anyway, fifty percent of those kids are unvaccinated. And I guess the things I read online people decide not to vaccinate their kids out of fear that there could be some autism that develops or something like that. However, there's no proof are no scientific study, careful, careful, careful, careful careful what you're saying. Oh. Channel set them off. Pretty hot about this saying, there's no there's no results. There's no study that has any conclusive results. Sounds me. Like on the the parents said to Austin's Waldorf school, a pretty serious about this though. Now, that's a significant number that is I don't know how many kids go there. But fifty percent of them are not vaccinate horses. Fifty percent or completely without a net. It's like good luck to you on your own. If you get sick. Hey, just hang in there and walk it off.

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