U.S. holiday shopping season best in six years: report


The US they're in bad shape. Michael board. Newsradio twelve hundred w the wild rom com. Life itself has been named the worst picture of two thousand eighteen by film. Critics group the critics called the movie quote ill-conceived over rod predictable and painfully manipulative other big turkeys of twenty eighteen the John Travolta mob bio pic Gotti, which got an unprecedented zero on rotten tomatoes, and the muppet murder mystery the happy time murders, you didn't get a car for Christmas. Join the club now is actually the best time to fix that. This year is the busiest and best time of year for car sales. Vic Vaughn runs Toyota, Bernie, sell probably three times a new cars on a daily basis last week is typically two weeks worth of business. He says all the manufacturers put the most incentives in at the end of the year. Can you get drunk on candy? Will apparently Joan Doniger from Bloomberg says. Yeah, she's got today's in focus report. If candy is dandy, but liquor is quicker. What is liquor infused candy and investment board member at the medical marijuana producer till Ray is putting more than two and a half million dollars into a British company that believes candy should be fun for adults to Technomic. David hankins doesn't see this disrupting an industry. The overall impact on beverage alcohol is probably going to be minimal notes beverage alcohol. Sales have been falling in recent years. He says due to the changing tastes of the consumer end. While candy producers Smith insane Claire is planning to use the infusion of capital to come to the US by next Christmas. You see some issues ahead, certainly some of the consumer rights groups are gonna look at this and wonder if this is being targeted toward children the four year old candy maker buys directly from distillers. But even there Hanka sees cautious. There's a lot of big brands that would be very leery to attach their name to a candy. He says it will work only as a novelty gonna really remain a niche market.

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