Falcons' Julio Jones: Excels in season-ending win

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Don't go down this road with me. I mean, the like why not listen to the public? The public tells you twenty times every son. Thraw people new to football in the last three year. Now, the public sometimes something things wrong in this country. I can tell you that. Sunday night football, not this one cling to your little helmet catch looks that way. Is them field. Kidding me or thirty seven yard line. He goes. Andrew luck. Three touchdown passes Marlin Mac OS for buck nineteen and the colts defense shuts down Blaine gabbert and the rest of Tennessee tight tunes forever. And always a thirty three seventeen win for the colts. Go from one in five to ten and six, and they are six seed in the AFC playoff which are now set marks 'Slayer incredible turnaround for the colts who dead and buried and they enter the playoffs as a dangerous team. And they prove themselves to be a better team than the Tennessee titans. It's one of the most interesting.

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