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H O W Denver. Get down stalemate. I'm Lisa lacerra, Fox News. It's day twelve and despite a meeting at the White House, there's no sign the government will reopen any time soon. Fox's Jared Halpern live on Capitol Hill. No breakthrough after congressional leaders met with President Trump about border security. Incoming house speaker Nancy Pelosi says Democrats will vote tomorrow on bills the reopen agencies currently shutdown giving him a Republican path to do that. Why would he not deal with the legislation does MIR bipartisan spending bills and includes border security funding, but would not at any new money for a border wall? The presence and very clear that not not the Bill would support House Republican leader. Kevin McCarthy says President Trump invited lawmakers back on Friday after congressional leadership races. Lisa. Before the meeting. President Trump told reporters we need a physical barrier around the southern border. He says everything else is very minor. Compared to the power of a wall. The sheriff in Caswell county in North Carolina releasing a report after a deadly lion attack on a wildlife centre intern. Fox's Steve Rappaport has this live Lisa. The incident report says it took three tranquilizers and eight gunshots to subdue the lion. But it does not explain how the animal escaped the locked holding area. While its enclosure was being cleaned staff. Tried using raw meat to lure the lion. Back into the holding area. After it mauled, Alexandra black and the tranquilizers used had no effect when the fourteen year old male lion began approaching the victim again, deputies fired several shots to take him down the wildlife center remains closed while the investigation continues. Lisa Steve Wall Street at the close the Dow gained nineteen points. The NASDAQ added thirty one the S and P added three points apple warning disappointing iphone sales will cause a significant drop in its revenue over the holiday.

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