Mike Pompeo, Russian Foreign Ministry And Detroit discussed on John McCulloch


Sachet borrowed your weather forecast. Tonight, snow showers. Likely before eleven PM mostly cloudy with a low around twenty seven Thursday, mostly cloudy than gradually becoming sunny with a high near thirty five right now, thirty four degrees. From the townhall dot com. Newsroom. Russia is allowing limited access to the American businessman from know by arrested on spying charges. The Russian foreign ministry said US consular officials were allowed to speak with Paul Whalen today. They're announcement comes after the secretary of state, Mike, Mike, Mike Pompeo said he was hopeful Russian officials would do. So the family of the forty eight year old ex-marine is standing firm on his innocence saying he was only in Moscow to attend a wedding Waylon is the corporate security director for the auto parts supplier borgwarner in Auburn Hills. Detroit's newest boutique hotel in the heart of downtown is finally up and operating. The hotel welcomes guests yesterday in its official opening to the public the boutique hotel marks the completing of a multimillion dollar renovation to existing buildings along with the combination of a new building. We update weather and traffic four times an hour. I'm Kevin Sanderson on the patriot FM one zero one point five AM fourteen hundred. Now live from the patriot Detroit radio complex. This is the John McCullough show, as you know, I've been suffering.

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