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I love when you talk hockey, especially to Mike Babcock freaking resume that is. A Stanley Cup champion Detroit. Has led Canada to back to back Olympic gold medals? I coach to ever win a Stanley Cup a World Cup a world championship a world junior championship and Olympic gold medal and Toronto off of their best start eighty four years. I like that one. I can't lie. I like that relationship a lot and my thanks to my cock and Toronto for making that happen making him available to us quickly. This Email says dear van smack before. All those diaper wearing maple leaf fans come in and get all excited about their hockey team. I want to remind them of something. Austin Matthews might be a total sniped show. But that guy breaks a collarbone every time somebody even breathes on him. His psychic Willie Neal lender is more concerned with what for jacket he's gonna wear next than doing anything productive on the ice. You guys just paid forty five mil for a soft complimentary winger and you're about to spend sixty five mil on a small center who's going to get rolled up in playoff hockey in joy, this little straight that you're on. On because mcdavid is gonna break. His back carrying our dumpster fire of a team to a cop before you guys. Get anything meaningful done Toronto signed Tyler in shredding ten Babcock hawk yet or not, you know, I got nothing but respect for you as both the dude a juggle contributor in a hockey fan. But I can't say that I agree with that. I think no wonder he signed his deal shortly before the deadline and he's going to join the team. I think they're going to look different think they're going to look different. And they're going to be different once he's out there. I think this team is playing heavier, and they are more physical and look at Matthews. Criticize them all you want talk about his durability. Look how well he's played since he's come back. And of course, the skill level is world class. I like him. Like what they're doing? I think Mike Babcock as always ahead of schedule. Like what I see from them starting eighty four years, and he understands what they're doing right now is talking necessarily translate. And that's why he's coaching them up. I think they will play heavy and more physical. I think they are built to work in the postseason third hour hours coming up, we're talking soccer. Yeah. I said at soccer next. Elite athletes. No, you can't be the best until you have beaten the best if you wanna compete at the highest level, you have to.

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