U.S. senators conclude the Saudi crown prince ordered journalist’s killing


To do with the death of journalist Jamal kashogi. In fact, Senator Lindsey Graham yesterday said there wasn't a smoking gun. There's a smoking saw. But that almost directly contradicts what the president had been saying. Yeah, that's right. A pretty. A remarkable moment on Capitol Hill yesterday. CIA briefing for select group of senators with director Gina apple after weeks really of them demanding answers from the administration. A what we know about involvement of Saudi Crown prince Mohammad bin soman in this murder plot. They finally got some answers that small group of senators, and when they walked out of the briefing, they seem to be more furious than they were going into it. And then talking about just Democrats as you said Republicans allies of the president like Lindsey Graham saying that you'd have to be willfully blind to not come to the conclusion that NBS with intricately involved in this plot as you said that directly contradicts not the president. But his top advisors, Mike Pompeo secretary of state teams Mattis the Defense Secretary, and it really set a showdown between congress and the administration over what to do next with a relationship in Saudi Arabia. Well, before we even get into that going back to Mike Pompeo when he came out last week and made a statement or lack thereof. There was not. Steve that was made when it wasn't the CIA director Gina hospital a lot of people scratch their heads like, hey, wait a minute. Which isn't she? The beep be the one who's giving us all the information shouldn't her department be the one who's giving us this in. And it was just strange that. She wasn't the lead on that that it was Pompeii. Oh, and then he was so sort of cagey about everything. Yeah. Exactly. And then there were some reports at the White House should actually held Gina hassle back from going to deny that. Official beer telling me that hassle chose not to go, and it could be a little bit of both ending hassle. Probably didn't wanna be played off of the president. You know, she obviously would stick to what the intelligence agency has has compiled is and that could be seen two country country for President Trump has said publicly, and instead the had this class by briefing with Mike Pompeo and James Mattis for all one hundred senators, but but they last so unsatisfied that it builds up pressure on the administration over the last couple of days to do something to you know, really win back those Republicans like Bob corker in Lindsey Graham, and that's what led to the briefing yesterday. But as you said, they all laughed even more angry than before. So this saga will continue Connor to what are you do? So they're mad. All right, fine. Everybody's upset. Everybody's upset that it seems that the president isn't making full acknowledgement that the Saudi Crown prince had something to do with this. Everybody's upset on both sides fine. But from a geopolitical standpoint, you also have to wonder is it does it matter though. Even if the president did is it it doesn't make him look better to say, hey, crown prince, I know you had something to do with it. You know, the evidence is right here in black and white. I know you did. But I'm going to have to plug my nose on this one and just move on. Because I know it's the right thing to do when it could be comes to relations would that be enough to satisfy these senators on both sides who are so angry about this investigation. I think that had been the administration's reaction from the start that we wouldn't be in this position. And it could have been enough because I think a lot of those Republicans know that their relationship with Saudi Arabia is so important, and it is especially vital to the president's national security strategy his foreign policy they rely on the Saudis to counter Iran's throughout the Middle East. So if that was if that was the reaction right away fine. I think you know, that people could put their noses and go along especially because the Saudis have said consistently NBS, the crown prince is not going anywhere. And so they I think would learn to deal with it in a way if they hadn't felt so betrayed and so stone wall by the administration and by the Saudis, but but from the beginning the Saudis have have lied covered up their involvement. And then they admitted that there, you know, Saudi officials were responsible, but they said it was an accident. And then they admitted it wasn't an accident. It was a rogue operation. The the fact that they have continued to live threat. It has made it very hard now for these Senate Republicans to not want to go after them. But you're right broader broader terms in the region, if the US pol- support from the Saudis, they're left hung to dry and a lot of different places. We do need Saudi Arabia for a couple of different things and other partners. Other countries will be really willing to take on that partnership. Instead you saw Ladimir Putin over the weekend at the g twenty high fiving was NBS while President Trump declined to meet with. Yeah. That you don't want somebody else to just slide in there. So it's yeah. It's keep your your enemies close kind of thing, you know, or your friends. I'm screaming that went out. But you know, what? I mean. But yeah, you can't you can't goof up this relationship. No matter how ugly it is. But at the same time, they're just has to be a way to sort of eased everybody because everybody is upset that they feel like we're either covering up or you know, that the president is either covering something up or lying about it. Or whatever it may be if you were just to be more forthcoming about the details of the investigation and say, I don't like it. But here's the way it is. And then move forward that might help. We'll speaking of moving forward when you were mentioning Mike Pompeo. He's also in headlines for another reason, he says the US is

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