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We saw most recently with Steph curry the way LeBron James racked up so many in. Stretcher time all these things can be true. Lebron James, obviously, led the all star voting in the Western Conference James joined by starter pool of Paul George Kevin Durant, Steph curry and James harden, Paul George a tiebreaker over Anthony Davis for the final frontcourt starting spot on the Eastern Conference. I'd Jaanus is going to be joined by Leonard. Joel Embiid, Kyrie Irving and for the first time as a starter. I believe Kemba Walker and in his home city, Charlotte Hornets hosting this event. As we mentioned, Milwaukee thirty four and twelve best start in the NBA. You can understand Janas drawing that attention great for Kemba great for Charlotte. All these different things. We get to the NBA all star game, though, it is a part of our favorite pastime. Like, this is the type time of year. We're a now we get the added bonus of that all star game draft that

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