Astronomers can't figure out what caused this cryptic 'Cow' blast


The American astronomical society's meeting in Seattle Washington. Spain told scientists is still hotly debating data house of eighty twenty eighteen cow a strange and powerful explosive phenomenon bright enough to be seen throughout the visible universe. Located some two hundred million light years away in the direction of the constellation Hercules, eighty two thousand eighteen cow was immediately nicknamed the cow based on the final three litters of its catalog. Name the strange cosmic explosion discovered by the atlas oh sky survey system in Hawaii on June. The sixteenth last year is unlike anything ever seen before immediately after receiving the alert and international research team led by refuge McGrady from Northwestern University lift into action and began observing the unusual source across the electromagnetic spectrum at x Ray optical infrared and radio wavelength measuring it's changing characteristics telescopes around the world contributed to the using spectroscopy to try and to code. The nature of the source among the telescopes contributing to the study was the southern Astor physical research telescope in Chile is instruments obtain the initial specter of the cow. The spectra showed matter was expanding from the object at up to ten percent. The speed of light yet despite more than half a year of study using both ground and space based observatories. Scientists are still unsure about exactly what it is seeing the two leading hypotheses are either very unusual supernova that is exploiting star or the shredding of star. That's passed too close to a black hole. A so called title surreptious event. The problem is this object's characteristics doesn't really match any previously seen examples of either event if it's a supernova, then it's unlike any supernova of seen before supernova explosions are so bright they can briefly out shine the galaxies there in yet this event. Was unusually bright even for a supernova? And it was intrinsically brighter. And it's Paik on top of that it brightened and then faded much faster than what would be expected from a supernova. Also the object spectrum didn't look like a supernova event, and it was far brighter. Milimeter why of links than any other supernova ever observed Winstar far more massive than the sun exploded in supernova at the end of their lives. Usually, no central engine is produced. However, if the progenitor star is massive enough, it could produce a hype another rather than the supernova, which could produce gamma Ray burst generating super fast jets of material emitting gamma rays. The thing is gamma Ray bursts, usually any less refu- milliseconds, maybe you seconds at most for a long, duration, gamma, Ray burst. But the event powering eighteen twenty eighteen cow lasted for several weeks. Most astronomers agree that AT twenty eighteen counts behavior requires some sort of central source of ongoing energy qu. Quite unlike those of Scipion ever explosion. So what about the other option title disruption event will the thing is the cow also different from previously Saint titles rupture events in the case of title this rupture event, the central engine would come to life as the black hole created material from the stabbing shredded by its gravitational pull this event is offset from its host galaxy Meinie it's not a stabbing shredded by the supermassive black hole at the center of the galaxy. Of course, it could be a title this Russian event caused by an intermediate mass black hole somewhere else in the host galaxy. But the thing is these intermediate size black holes usually form instill classes, while eighty twenty eight thousand cow a piece to be inside a high density interstellar medium, which makes it difficult to reconcile with the gas, density, install classes, still if it is a black hole that story material from its surroundings than the inflow. Material is forming a rotating disk around the Blackhall, e Craciun disk and. That disgrace prolific amounts of energy. This is the type of central engine which palace quasars and radio galaxies across the universe. Reporting. The extra physical journal by good. He believes this event may be signifying. The exact moment of the birth of either a nascent still a mess black hole or a rapidly rotating neutron star with an extremely powerful magnetic field. In other words, magnetized the sternum is not from theory that both still a mass black holes and neutron stars form when massive stars die in unusually powerful supernova or hyper over explosions, but they've never seen one of these events right at the moment of birth. So this event may represent a new class of objects within the category known as fast luminous transients. If that's the case there will be the first time astronomers of actually witness the birth of magnetized, the central energy source that central engine. We talked about could be a powerful shockwave hitting Dench shell of material near the objects core. However. Because of eighty twenty thousand cow strange behavior, the ultimate verdict is still unclear. This is

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