Sen. Ernst claims husband assaulted her, denies allegation of affair


Trump's running-mate letter and says she turned the role down in part because her ex husband, quote hated any successes. I had and would belittle me and get angry anytime I achieved a goal in the affidavit her ex husband did not address the allegations of abuse. But says he never had an affair and that he was the one who gave up his goals that has been wife could pursue her dreams. We did reach out to him. But he declined to come ABC's Linsey Davis reward money meant for a person who found a missing Wisconsin teenager is now going to the girl during the search for Jamie clause, Hormel foods, Geno, Turkey store announced a twenty five thousand. Reward for information leading to the person or persons who took the thirteen year old girl and killed her. Parents Jim and Denise Kloss worked. At the Turkey store in Barron county now the Jamie is safe at a twenty one year old suspect is in custody. The company says the money will instead go to Jamie, those who spotted the girl after she escaped captivity and called police have said they don't want the reward money. Ryan burrow, ABC news, US marines, and the FBI are helping search for three year old Casey Hathaway, the little boy vanished from his grandma's backyard in North Carolina on Tuesday, ABC Stevo since has more from North Carolina first night that he went missing

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