Even Just Hearing About Conversations With a Killer: The Ted Bundy Tapes Is Terrifying


Was a very good looking smooth talking clean cut double life living serial killer that operated in the seventies up in the Seattle area. Notorious and his story has a lot of twists and turns that I think end him up in Florida's that we ended up I believe so. Yeah, I it wasn't just murder by the way rape kidnapping burglary. Dismemberment decapitation necrophilia checked all those boxes is that all. He was one of those guys who you would never ever ever assume was into this kind of stuff because he was so clean cut. So affable. And because this month marks the thirtieth anniversary of his execution. True crime filmmakers are releasing two different. Ted Bundy projects there's the conversations with a killer. The Ted Bundy tapes, that's on Netflix. They say not to watch that alone. Which makes me want to race home and watch it alone. It is a post to be chilling. The other one is extremely wicked shockingly evil and vials starring Zach Ephron as Ted Bundy, which I think is a great class a casting call. He killed thirty women. He confessed any way to the murders of thirty. He might have killed more. The Zach Ephron picture is framed by a book that was written by his longtime girlfriend. There is a woman Elizabeth club. She went out with Ted Bundy during his reign of terror like ten years or the seventies. And she talks about how they first met. I met at a local bar and the university district of Seattle September nineteen sixty nine. And she was twenty four at the time. She was recently divorced, and she had left her hometown of Salt Lake City looking for a fresh start ordinary night. She heads choose Sandpiper tavern with some friends, she instantly notices this tall, sandy haired. Man, clear blue is that she said lit up when he smiled. He was seated by himself. Ted Bundy was he was twenty three at the time. And she says she was surprised at how approachable and easily amused. This handsome man was they danced they flirted. She said I knew when I first looked at him before we even had danced that he was a cut above the rest of the crowd. She was captivated by him. She took him home that night from the bar. Wow. He and she whatever and the next morning he wakes up and notices that she's got a hangover. So he decides to make her breakfast. She says she almost immediately started dreaming of a future with him. Their their romance blossoms through normal. Dating habits picnics homemade dinners movies meeting, friends, and all that. And probably most importantly. Group dates with her three year old daughter. She said that she was amazed. How quickly he assimilated to domestic life as a as a father figure and a protector to both that he would talk and eat and take care of little Tina when she wasn't around her. She was at work or whatever that he was a family man who watch up Saturday more. He would wake up early Saturday mornings to watch cartoons with our well while mom slept in and by the way, apparently in this film. This new Netflix documentary you see because he's in a lot of family pictures and whatnot. You kind of see what you're talking about that he had integrated himself into family life. Oh my goodness. And in and she she introduces him like you said to her family. She says that her her introduction to his family wasn't as warm that it was tinged by a lifelong resentment Ted felt for his mother because she kept the identity of his birth. Father a secret it was he was fourteen years old when Ted discovered that he was. Illegitimate. I guess that's what his cousin called him that the man who raised him along with us for other siblings was not as real father, and that really pissed them off. It's probably the root of all of it. Well, it was a route maybe or something, but he was a sadistic psychopath. You know with the. Who was about to go on a murder spree that is can rival any in history. She says that they were together for three years that turned into five years, and then it kind of started to unravel their relationship. Did she said it kind of became a mental roller coaster that there was a series of emotional jabs in counter-punches that he would go on dates with other women, which would send her into a total spiral before he would smooth things over and say all the right things, and she would counter strike by going out with men hoping that it would make him jealous and prove that he cared, and it just the cycle continued over and over and over. I guess the the whole charm thing that he had in the charisma thing is is not so uncharacteristic. If with a lot of these shows, you paths. That's what psychiatrists said when they were looking at this Ted Bundy case, anyway, go ahead. I then what happened Ted bundy's car? I didn't know this is now a tourist attraction at the national museum of crime and punishment in DC. She says the girlfriend says she first became suspicious of Ted Bundy because there were eye witness accounts with missing women that said the suspect was driving a metallic Volkswagen beetle. Yeah. That's what was going on women were starting to go missing. This is all going on while he's still dating her. He's killing women. And as you say more than just killing them. I gotta believe that to a degree since she's looking the other way with his cheating on her that there was a bit of a head in the sand syndrome going on in terms of Ted Bundy, and and not wanting to believe that he was. That he was the perpetrator even know things were lining up.

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