Here's the Real Reason Why Australia Has Bubblegum Pink Lakes

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Recent research may have uncovered the reason why Australia has lakes that are bubblegum pink. Yeah. You heard that right now, they don't taste like bubble gum. Unfortunately. But Australia does in fact have lakes that have a vivid pink color, the most famous of these lakes is probably Hillier which is located off the southern coast of Western Australia on middle island in the past people speculated that the color could be due to high salt, content or micro algae. But here's something you might have missed in two thousand fifteen a team of researchers from the extreme microbiome project decided to investigate the exact cause. Of this pink nominally, they collected water samples, then performed DNA analyses on what they found and they found ten species of salt loving bacteria and several species of algae that were some shade of pink or red and get this a single species of bacterium called Salan a b-actor ruber was responsible for thirty three percent of the DNA collected. Scientists suspect that this bacteria is the most likely source of the pink color, not micro algae looks like mother nature. Can't trick is for too long, despite bacteria being the reason for the strawberry milk color. Leakier is totally safe to swim in in fact, the lakes high salt content lately makes the water so dense that you would be able to float really really easily though will you win the Dead Sea. So why don't you see more Tinder profile with people swimming in the cotton, candy colored water simple? It's tough to get to lake Hillier. It's on a tiny islands that you can only get to with a boater helicopter. But if. You can get there than dive into that pool of pink. And you'll be fit for a photo op.

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