Ocasio-Cortez wins seat on powerful House Oversight committee


The saints now. But he says the National Football League can't just let this go. It should never happen that they have to change the rules to fix the situation. So that this doesn't happen again. Chris Miller for CBS news, New Orleans. A I in major league. Baseball WCBS TV's Otis Livingston has more on the sand man's entry into the hall of fame. Babe Ruth did do it. Lou Gehrig didn't tie Cobb not even Nolan. Ryan no player had ever been voted into the hall of fame unanimously that is until tonight. The greatest of all time Mariano Rivera becomes a first in history. He was as dominant at his position as anyone at their six hundred and fifty two regular season saves in nineteen season. We're going to tack on forty two more saves in the postseason where he was almost unhittable. She had hoped to make her third straight grand slam final. But Serena Williams fell to Carolina applicable in the quarter-finals at the Australian Open display lights out on national wings, literally hitting lines. And just just went crazy on one. This is CBS news. You have enough things to worry about every day insurance shouldn't be one of them. You can leave worry behind when liberty stands with you. Liberty Mutual insurance. Are you more than ten thousand dollars

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