Google Fined $57 Million Under New European Law


The. This is news briefing on Tanya. Bruce does reporting from the newsroom in New York. Google has been fined fifty seven million dollars in the biggest penalty yet under a new European law. In question is Google not going far enough in getting valid user consent to gather data for targeted advertising, were sorting. It all out and figuring out what it means down the road for Google globally after these Ted lines. Facebook's. What's at messaging service is limiting users ability to forward content is an effort to rein in the ways the popular platform allows the spread of misinformation the move which follows months of criticism over the company's response to such incidence is one of the bigger challenges. Facebook has made to one of its core services in response to political pressure. What's apps more than one billion global users can now only foreword material to five individual users or groups at once that's down from twenty likely change won't be significant for most casual users, but could be a major one for the hundreds of millions of people in the developing world who use it as a primary source of sharing news. What's up said in a release that it has been testing the forwarding limit for six months and would continue to listen to feedback. Opening the door for more changes or rollback should users revolt. The disappointing performance of Apple's iphone X are is rippling through the global supply chain. We land in Japan where a leading major Japanese. Supplier for the model is seeking a bailout from an investor group from China and Taiwan Japan display Inc is an advanced talks with Taiwan's teepee holdings and Chinese state owned silk road fund about an investment that would include a stake of thirty percent with the possibility of greater control later in the latest lineup of iphones only. The ex- are uses liquid crystal displays the type in which Japan display specializes in and that model has fallen far short of apples expectations. Nonetheless, Japan display may still have some value to an Asian buyer given its experience in mass production and close ties to apple Japan display plans to use the invested money for day to day operations and hopes to announce a deal as soon as mid February and the latest trend in mobile gaming stock trading ups, apps such as Robin Hood, and we bowl are drawing in young and often inexperienced investors. And the journal says it's bringing the ability to make foolish decisions to an ever broader swath of people. The ability of robinhood another apps to draw customers is reflective of. Individual investors. Leaps into the stock market journal goes on to say the ability of robinhood and other apps to draw customers is reflective of individual investors. Leaps into the stock market after sitting out most of a decade long bull run this past year since launching in twenty thirteen Robin Hood in particular has amassed about six million clients is gained one million alone. Since last July and has more users than trade coming up. What fifty seven million dollar fine means for Google and data privacy protection? A French regulator. Find alphabets Google fifty six point eight million dollars the biggest penalty yet under a new European privacy law. We note as the European Union wide general data protection regulation GDP are which went into effect. Last year doesn't unprecedented penalty make new advances in the fight for privacy protection. Let's get more from Wall Street Journal reporter Sam Schechner, he is on the scene at Davos at the moment, actually and is chiming in in a pinch. Thanks as always fence. We got here because privacy activists say there really isn't a question about this debate where they coming from they use a term, but Google obviously rejects enforced consents, where they say that it's so complicated. Defined the ways to turn off the consent. If people just quick the blue box that says, okay, I agree and that that is valid consent. And in this case Francis privacy regulator agreed with them Google fights back how with this argument a little bit more. On where they're coming from. And you know, we're they're gonna come from bigger picture. What does it do with this problem on its hands? Now that a precedent has been set here. Not that not that complicated. But the, you know, the broader question here is that this is a starting gun for a bunch of litigation that's going to start hiring up in various countries across the view as decision start to come in Ireland's going to start issuing decisions in a bunch of aces that it has involving other companies, and those are going to end up in court and in coming months and years, we're going to start to see what ballad consent really is and Google is not exactly gonna go hungry from any eight figure fine. But you know, maybe this does set an example, what else has been happening throughout Europe in terms of some noise being made in this arena, where what other countries, do you think we might look to next first of all about the finding a right that the fine is not that big for Google. But it's certainly a shot across the bow. In terms of the countries the way the way that GDP are works. The country were. Your headquarters as in Europe is going to be the one that's your lead privacy. Regulator which means the Irish regulator is really powerful. Helen dickson. The data protection protection Commissioner there has privacy oversight for Google Facebook Twitter a bunch of other big tech firms. That's going to mean that a lot of cases are going to come from their big European board where they will make joint decisions on some of these cases. So we may start to see some of these cases of fear before the European data protection board just to at another acronym. Jumble. You always on us in with the latest from overseas. And we always appreciate it. Sam schechner. Thank you so much and up to soon, that's it for the tech news briefing reporting from the newsroom in New York on tiny boosters, thanks for listening.

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