A photo of an egg is the most-liked post on Instagram

Ellen on the Go


God, I know a lot of you look at this show is an escape. And sometimes I have to talk about things that are going on in the world that that are serious. No matter how serious they are. So today, this is what I saw in the news Instagram most like post is now a photo of aid. Must be a sexy. Tell you that this is the most popular Instagram posts. I don't it doesn't do anything for me. But I don't judge. So here's what happened. Do you know about this anybody some people know, all right? Well, ten days ago, someone started Instagram account and posted this AIG and said, let's set a world record together and get the most like post on Instagram beating the current world record held by Kylie Jenner and says we got this. So kylie's photo that they're referring to is this one that she posted last year with her baby, which is a precious photo. And it has over eighteen million likes. And I understand that that's beautiful picture. So that was the record holder, but not anymore. Now that AIG has. Over forty one million likes. The eggs life has completely changed. I want that on the show egg. If you're listening. I want you on the show. So now that holds the record everyone's going to try to beat the egg. And you know, what happens when you beat today gets homeless? Thank you. I spend it up. So you weren't ahead of me. I. So anyway, I think I know how to break the record. I combine both posts I named it Edward shelling. Jenner the third. And it is working. This now has are most like photo, it has almost four million likes on it. So that's more likes than this photo of me in the rock. That's more than this photo of me. And Julia Roberts somehow it's more likes than this photo of Barack Obama giving me the presidential medal of freedom. Hashtag. But I think this is great because with all the divisiveness that we have going on in the world, we found something that we can all agree on. It's a damn eg. That's what we all agree on at least. It's something it's better than nothing. What

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