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Bizarre winner, so far it's almost as if there had been some sort of change change in our climate. Yeah. Rock every Friday. I guess it's tearing the late game. Right. They they're doing a two hour pregame show and people are flipping out like they're forced to watch. It. Do we need that much football? Like, how does that even get to a news story that people are complaining that their that you get a two hour pre-game show? And what the hell is on FOX that you're looking so forward to on a Sunday day. I don't know, man. Yeah. Fox's doing the early game at three o'clock, and then CBS has the passage. He's at six forty. Maybe. That's it. Maybe there's something on CBS their evening news or twenty twenty or whatever the hell, they show sixty minutes probably know complaining, I don't watch a game until I know they're about to kick off. I don't wanna see any aspect of a pregame show there. It's just filler. There's they're not gonna tell you one thing pertinent to the game. I know even if you're excited your team, I still don't care about anything. They're saying before kickoff. I'm a little different when it gets to be a big game. Like this. I get excited. So I'll watch a I think the conference championships in the Super Bowl. I will watch an hour or so earlier just to get. Myself pumped up for the same reason. Aband- before you go see him in concert now is how guys come into the stadium because they're wearing masks. They're sending messages, they're doing different things. That's what I'm into. But you could see all that on Twitter. You don't have to watch TV for four hours. Yeah. That is true. Do you guys? Think that Tony Romo is the best play by play guy. There is today. I l no I don't think romo's the best. I absolutely love watching him. I think after you've heard him everybody else seems boring personally for me. I like him. I think he's out of the ordinary and I like his enthusiasm and his insight as a as a as a former quarterback. He's excellent. But sometimes he throws up all over the place. Like, he won't stop talking because he's so excited that he knows what's going to happen. I was watching something with Al Michaels. And he was talking about how important it is to let the game breathe and let the game speak for himself. And I think that's what the great broadcasters of sport. Do they let the game kind of be the highlight? And they add not a necessary. But a really nice accompaniment to top guys are Al Michaels and Collins worth I don't think anybody's better. I don't know why Collingsworth rubs so many people the wrong way. I think he's very knowledgeable. I like him. He's from he's from either Cape Canaveral or new Smyrna beach someplace in Florida from down here. Click Chris Collins worth I believe he is what he played quarterback for the Bengals receiver. Yeah. Minnesota vikings. Right. Seventy seven five seven nine maybe maybe the Bengals tube and played for the Vikings at some point in time. I could be wrong seventy seven five seven nine hundred to five Mike rotunda who wins this weekend and goes to the Super Bowl. I don't have any idea. What four teams are still left playing each other. I'm weak on my football game. This isn't football as much like pop culture. Like putt people talking about this, relevant topics and stuff. Pretty relevant stuff. I mean, I know where Mike hangs out all day. There's not a football discussion. And there's no TV's. And there's there's not a none of this conversation's going on where she's hanging TV lists. So gimme my options. And I'll tell you who's going to the Super Bowl. Okay. We've got. The Reno reindeers. That's very funny. Every team has left in the NFL. You gotta ball thirty of them are so on so which four left. Well, it's not the bucks. So you can eliminate that. So probably the bucks twenty nine potential teams falcons incorrect, but a good guess where are they from an NFL? But no, they are not going, okay. For niners. San Francisco forty Niners been no, no, not definitely not the raiders. Also, not them. Think a team that is known for winning many many Super Bowls, but also known for bending the rules more than a little bit the Tel Aviv. Turtles can I go last? I need to think I know I'm changing the screaming for the team where the quarterback likes to stick his tongue his young son, obviously. Yeah. And he plays for the I I'm literally drawing a Bryant a blank right now. I don't know why. Team Tom Brady plays. I do. But I can't think right now it's up in a certain region of the United States of America. Listen, I have not followed football at all this year. Normally I have good gosh. No. She. Knowledge is gone blank. Things. I am a melting down for the first time ever on air meltdown the station lately. This is my not down. Patriots. Yeah. Tell her now. So that's one team. You got the patriots. And they are playing against the not the Atlanta Falcons..

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