$8k a liter: Strange new startup harvests young blood to sell to the rich


Sort of poor man's version of para bios for less than five hundred dollars. You too can have placental extract injected intramuscularly or into joints. But in perhaps, our infatuation with a magical qualities of young blood isn't such a new phenomenon after all for the ancient Greeks blood was considered to be a magical elixir. Known as Hema in Homer's writings a-, deceased uses to sheep to bring a soothsayer back to life. Pliny? The elder describes the mad rush of spectators into arenas to drink the blood of fallen gladiators and centuries later Italian philosopher Marsili, oh phychi, no promoted drinking young blood as a means for the elderly to regain their youthful vigor in sixteen sixty seven French physician. John Baptiste Denny's perform the first animal to human transfusion saving feverish boy sick butcher with the

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