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AM six thirty. Is there progress on getting barrier at our southern border wall offense, what have you and getting the government finally funded possibly President Trump flanked by leaders from the house on the Republican side? Just finished a stem winder of a briefing reporters in the rose garden. We're going to give you the highlights of that. It was classic Trump in all it's gory. We'll give it to you. Also Lee Smith has a great analysis of the latest on spy gate, Steele, dossier, and the Flynn investigation and all the things that are near and dear to your heart Lee Smith joins us coming up at the bottom of this hour, the one and only Dennis Miller, four o'clock and Stephen Dinan Washington time is going to give us the fallout of this press conference in the five o'clock hour because we're going to have lots of congressional critters reacting to this thing over the next hour and a half. And then we'll summit up for you. When we start our big five o'clock show all that coming up at first. Well, do we get our wall are the bricks being late now? Or should I say, well, we get our steel wall. Because the president spent a lot of times talking about how this wall might not be well, a Pink Floyd ask brick model and not a concrete model. Steel industries, come roaring back. And that makes me very happy. I think we'll have to build a steel wall as opposed to a concrete wall because we have steel companies again, there's something awfully nice about that, Sarah. By the way, he also made the scientific fact that's a steel is stronger than concrete, although if you have concrete reinforced with steel, then that concrete, in fact is stronger than the steel all by itself. However, if superman fights Batman and Batman has weapons and superman has the red crypt. Tony allen. I'm getting lost in the weeds on.

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