Steve Sarkisian to return to Alabama Crimson Tide


I know the numbers were there. I get numbers. The man it's a creative play calling. I it's going against the grain. And I'm watching the Rams rack up two hundred seventy three yards tonight. A you you you need to surprise teams in the NFL. That's what you need to do. Not just have this system. Where light look at our yard. It's because yardage in rankings can be misleading. Because when did you get that yardage when your teams down big and then a quarterback's throw for five thousand dollars look at him. No, I I think yardage in this era of analytics should be yard you give up when the game is still competitive right yardage. You get when the game still competitive not junk yardage now yardage when you're up bigger down thing. And I have incredible ideas. If you want to join us live across North America when eight five five two one two four CBS that's one eight five five two one two four to seven at Saturday. Huge on Twitter Saturday night show on Facebook time for another update. It's a huge Saturday in the NFL. Here's John Fass. Sports flash. Moving on to the NFC

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