Todd Gurley, C.J. Anderson Lead Rams to NFC Championship with Win vs. Cowboys


Ran for one twenty three two touchdowns Todd Gurley. One fifteen and another score on the ground. Rams burst playoff victory in fourteen years. Thirty two twenty two over the Cowboys. They're onto the NFC championship game. For the first time in seventeen years LA racked up a franchise playoff record, two hundred seventy three yards on the ground. The most ever allowed a postseason gay by the Cowboys were playing in their NFL record sixty third playoff game. Anderson post game with our Josina Anderson. Some people really understand what type of motivation that you came into this game with everything that had happened to you this season knowing that you had a career year last year and to have to one hundred and girly in this game. The biggest thing man. I I wanna give thanks to the man above for forgiving me the opportunity and then second, you know, you plan on the field with Todd Gurley Zeke Elliott. You know, I'm just trying to make my statement and make my step in this game too. How hard is it to have to basically feel like you have to prove yourself when you know that you can run and what you feel like you sold out here today and doing that every week every week every day. Relief from Denver releasing Carolina, released them all. You know, sitting there waiting on opportunity. So I just kept pushing myself, I never never not believe myself because by great right spots. And I'm glad the Rams talent you able to basically create those halls against this Cowboys deepens that was number one and yards allowed before contact coming into today picking the right spots. My ability workforce south just trying to break tackles trying to get the defenders trying to create big whereas off that looking at camera everybody who's ever been doubted. What you sold them tonight fifty Bryant man, if you've ever been down ever been misplaced overlooked fifty vitamin if you drink don't die to you give up on a potato keep working. And that's what I did. And that's what we're doing. And see you next week survive in advance. Thank you.

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