Ready Freddie: Kitchens hired by Browns after offensive run


Of it. He's not saying, I don't like, Freddie kitchens. I'm not. I'm just saying I don't think he's ready to be a head coach. Because I don't think the resume has kind of allowed me to believe that he'd be ready to be the head coach at this point. That's the issue that I have here. Claire, yes. Yeah. And I mean, that's a legitimate point. But sometimes you just have to learn on the fly, man. And I think for them flying under the radar and look at look within their division. You've got the Pittsburgh Steelers. I mean, they're all over the place. You know what I'm saying? They're trying to work out a contract with been will they trade Antonio Brown. They got a lot of stuff going on. They need to get rid of the defensive coordinator. You look at Baltimore. They're transitioning in terms of their quarterback and their quarterback. What does he do seventy percent of the time? He runs the football will be able to last. So this is a division to my whole point is this is a division and Cincinnati stinks. This is a division that's up in the air. And if you're talking about a team trending upward a team that wants to keep the same momentum going into the off season right into the regular season to the preseason. Well, you don't wanna have a lot of moving parts. You don't wanna hear a different voice a lot of times. And I like the fact that, you know, the players respect him, and they say he hold you accountable, and it's just a different energy up in here. And he. Brings that. And maybe this guy he's going to work extra hard because he doesn't have the big name. He doesn't have the accolades, and he said he says, I'm you know, I don't have the big name. I had to do it the old fashioned way. And that's one of the reasons why he's so motivated, so I like the movement. Freddie kitchens is my guy. He is your guy you love the warriors. You'll have this and you'll love Freddie kitchens as an NFL head coach safety blades. Rodney Harrison Dan Schwartzman. NBC sports radio. Are you a little conflicted on this one? Looking Vic Fangio has been around the NFL for thirty two years is insistent coach defensive-minded a great job. Look, I give him more credit than I give Matt Nagy Nagy by the way for the bears because I never thought the bears Nike Nagy, right? I. Nagy right. No, listen. Listen, listen to me like Eggy Nagy Nagy, man. Right. That's he corrected. Chris Collins worth and all the guys up a it's like Eggy Nagy, Matt Nagy. Thank you producer. Thank you. Professor. So Matt Nagy gets all the credit and to me it should be Vic Fangio because his defense was a calling card for the for the Chicago now. Oh, come on. Do he's sitting get all the credit and all, but it does not get all the credit. He gets a bunch of credit for turning Mitchell Trubisky around think about and I'm from Chicago. And I get the text messages. I get the phone calls. They thought Mitchell Trubisky was going to be an absolute bused everybody in Chicago was nervous guys come in. You saw the potential Mitchell Trubisky saw the improvement. You saw the offense. Make a lot of plays and just become a different level of offense that they've had in the past. Yes, I mean like and this is no disrespect to Vic Fangio. But then could you call a couple of coverages and defenses with all that talent have on the defensive side of the ball. You got Khalil Mack. You gotta Keam Hicks having his best season. As a pro. You got two young stud. Danny's treve. You got roquan Smith. You got to all pros in the secondary prince amukamara he's playing well Adrian ammos like I should be the defense coordinator of the Chicago Bears. Trust me. It'd be freaking good to all right. But wait a minute. Wait a minute Mr. Chicago here, and you can tell your friends give them a call, text and whatever Mitchell Trubisky every

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