Sri Lanka's president reinstates prime minister he sacked


And the Japanese city who has released a map of a hundred hot spas or Anson, which will welcome tourists with tattoos during next year's rugby World Cup tattoos have become widespread in the western part of traditional culture in countries such as New Zealand who will be taking part, but in Japan there associated with Uku organized crime gangs and many bonds prohibit people with tattoos from entering Beppu describes itself as the onset capital of Japan. And that's the latest BBC news. This is from our own correspondent here on the BBC World Service. I'm PASCAL harder. Hello and welcome to the program that takes you to places others. Just don't reach in this edition. We've visit an elegant well established face of Catalan politics now behind bars and facing charges of rebellion. We also take a trip on a wooden canoe to see how the Democratic Republic of Congo is preparing for elections next weekend and for some lighthearted fun. We'll go axe throwing in Canada. Larry, apparently, it's a thing sweeping the nation. But our first stop is Iraq to meet some extraordinary women. There have been protests in Iraq recently calling on perpetrators of violence against women to be punished and calling for the state to create the conditions in which women can go about their lives without fear. This is partly as a result of some recent high profile killings. An Iraqi social media star was murdered by men on motorbikes in broad daylight in the center of Baghdad a female human rights activists was shot dead in Basra. But it's also in protest at scores of Iraqi women being murdered every month the justification that they were being immoral disobeying. Their husbands all bringing disgrace to their families shaima halio met some women willing to risk their own lives to protect other women and girls from this violence Doma is one of Iraq's most famous dishes. It's also one of my favorites. It reminds me. Of the stuffed vegetables. I eat back home in Egypt where I grew up, but it's much spicier Bessemer is a bit of an expert on Doma and during the last seven years, she's taken to cooking as a hobby, and as a coping mechanism takes my mind off things she tells me as she peels the onions, all my fear, my anxiety, my sadness. I turn this energy into cooking. Vessel lives with seven other women in a big modestly. Furnished home in a quite Baghdad neighborhood. Some of them are helping in the kitchen cutting vegetables, and washing rice, others, sit in a corner sorting beads to make bracelets necklaces a couple of children are running around. But this busy household filled with noise and laughter and the smell of home cooked meals is also a secret shelter for women who've survived domestic abuse. You're not Mohammed has agreed to show me around. But only after a lot of negotiation. She's the president of the organization of. Women's freedom in Iraq, an NGO which runs ten underground shelters. Only my producer a woman, of course, an I are allowed to visit. And we have to change cars on route to avoid being followed. The government refuses to give the shelters official status and can read them any time if they find them, but that's not the only threat in our in her organization face we shelter women from honor killing from trafficking and from abusive families. She tells me the shelters have to be secret because the abusers will follow the women and tried to kidnap them from us or even kill them. When I asked Basma why she's here her mood changes. And she tilts her head down. I was thirteen playing in the streets. When he took me dress me up and told me I was going to another house to get married. She says, I didn't know what was happening. I thought we were just visiting someone that I would come home the next day for the next three years. Best male was repeat. Tiddly abused by the man, she was forced to marry and by his family, then her story gets even more horrendous and surreal a man spotted her in the market one day and kidnapped her he said he was in love with me. And he was going to take me away from my husband's family. She says looking at the floor fidgeting with her bracelet. But her kidnappers father refused to keep her and best male was sent far away to a brothel in Iraqi Kurdistan. When I realized what was happening. I beg the women there to spare me she says. I couldn't do what they were asking me to do. I told them L beg on the streets. But not this. They let her go best managed to get a job in a cafe nearby. And after a few months, it's owner helped her get back to back debt to her family to safety or so she thought they said I had dishonoured them because I'd left my husband, and they didn't know what the other man had done with me. That's my says, I was just there. Waiting listening to their conversations about my fate. Even when I fought. My father's soften a little the men from our tribe would pressure him and say you have to kill her. It's the only way so one day with the help of a friend. I ran away. She says she was only sixteen seven years on best must still in hiding. But she now runs the shelter. She calls home. Yes. Of course. I get scared. She admits we're on the same boat here. That's why I helped them I have to protect them. You're not Mohammed tells me that across Iraq are fifty two women living in the NGOs shelters just a tiny fraction of those in need of help. She looks at her phone and shows me a message from a woman in muscle. If you don't get here soon. It says I'll be dead despite the challenges are remains optimistic and is proud of the women. She's helped many of whom have gone on to help other victims of violence, but best Ma is less. Hopeful she tells me she's come a long way she's married with two young daughters. I fear for them every single day. I don't want them to go through what I went through. All I wanted was to normal child. I asked about her girls futures. My biggest hope is that they leave. She says that they grow up outside Iraq. Only. Then will I feel that they're safe shaima halio next to the Democratic Republic of Congo? If you're Congolese the democratic base is sort of a joke. That's never been very funny and all the Congolese people I've known have tended to be pretty eager to laugh about most things Congo has a history of political strongman and multi-player wars next weekend. Though elections are due to be held Congo is also a vast country crisscrossed by rivers rather than roads with forty million voters living widely dispersed. So how'd you manage an election under those circumstances? Our correspondent Louise west has been following one man's determined voyage to bring democracy to his people a father and son paddling wooden canoe carrying a large black box as they pushed through the rainforest the some stops to take care of his father. Other next to that Congo an electronic voting machine. It's come all the way from South Korea. The man who works for the electoral commission is taking it to isolate villages to demonstrate how it works. The machines are supposed to make voting cheaper and quicker. But critics say they're vulnerable to vote rigging and worry about the congress on reliable power supply this journey along. The river is testament the challenge of organizing elections in this impenetrable landscape and in a country practically the size of western Europe. I was curious to find out more about Uber by Dan, his mission tracking down his phone number his colleagues from the electoral commission warned me, not sure you'll be able to get him reception is very poor over there. He's based thousands of kilometers from the capital Kinshasa where I am you there. Bindi is a forty seven year old computer engineer. He lives in Vasan Kusa at the conference of the Lapore and marine rivers to have the congress tributaries. It's the last. Sports before the wilderness of the Lapore base and the town has a traumatic history during colonial times, it was one of the first trading post where locals with forced into the brutal Robert trade down a Fonzie phone line tells me the story behind the photo I had managed to get a place on a boat belonging to friends of the bonobos. It's a local conservation group here trying to protect endangered apes. They were also heading to combat low. So they agreed to take my son and me, but when we ride the boat was already full, you bet laughs. You know, our geography makes it very difficult to reach voters. So we have to adopt to find solutions they pay to local fishermen ten thousand Congolese francs around six US dollars to bar. His canoe nearly three times the average daily income.

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