Steelers WR Antonio Brown involved in domestic dispute, not arrested


Well, guys everything's ever since things went south between the Pittsburgh Steelers and wide receiver Antonio Brown. The forty Niners emerged as the favorites to land a talented, but testy wideout and now that may change it came out this morning. The Brown was involved in a domestic dispute in Hollywood, Florida in January, but was not arrested. Brown's lawyer Darren Hytner is called the allegations totally false and said the media was trying to tarnish his client's reputation. The Steelers said they are currently trying to get more detail on exactly what happened now back to how this impacts the forty Niners in my opinion. They're trying to do everything they can distance themselves from situations. Like this after they've had a number of high profile high profile incidents involving Reuben foster as of late now. He's no longer with the forty Niners. And there were other cases like that the preceded foster last April. This is what forty Niners general manager. John Lynch had to say about the forty Niners. And domestic violence this again when he was discussing Reuben foster if these charges are proven true, if if Ruben did indeed hit this young lady, he won't be a part of our organization going forward. I think that goes that's the standard. We want on our on our team, that's the standard we're gonna operate under. Now, if this story with Antonio Brown proves to be legit, and there was potentially a physical altercation. I would not expect him to be a forty Niners uniform, by way of a trade come this offseason. But if it's a gray area, then you always get into the dreaded talent to trouble

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