Apple appoints AI chief John Giannandrea to exec team


To that company or left that company or whatever, but I did make an exception earlier this year when artificial intelligence guru, John John Andrea was poached from Google by apple back in April. Well, late yesterday apple announced that GNA Andrea has been promoted to Apple's vaunted executive team as a senior vice president reporting directly to Tim cook the joke at the time of Gina Andreas hiring. Apple was that. Maybe he would be the one to finally get Siri to be you know, useful and accurate. But by now, putting all of Apple's efforts in the machine learning and AI space under g Andrey his portfolio and elevating that fully to a lofty height in the apple org. Chart. I think we can read the tea leaves pretty confidently to see that apple thinks that efforts in these areas are likely to become a crucial aspect of Apple's product development going forward for the next several years. Speaking of Siri, gene, Munster and the gang at loop ventures

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