How Apple looks to replace lost iPhone income

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Talking tech is brought to you by wicks dot com with wicks you can use artificial design intelligence to create a stunning website right from your phone in five minutes or less. Just go to wicks dot com. That's W I X dot com and create your professional website today. So today's the day we find out just how bad things are in apple land. You'll recall the Don January second apple made the rare move to warn investors that iphones were not selling as well as expected and that results from the quarter would be lower than apple had thought. So today apple gives us the official results in the earnings for the twenty eighteen twenty nine thousand nine holiday quarter. I am going to clear you in on today's episode of talking tech. I'm Jefferson Graham. So apple said, the culprit was China where the market for premium products had tanked, I think there's more to it. I think consumers would happily pay for new iphone with features. They actually cared about. They didn't care about the slightly upgraded iphone ten s tennis max antenna are, but you know, other companies have since reported similar findings in China, including graphics maker in Invidia FedEx Goodyear in Caterpillar. So clearly something mass. Is going on. Now have no fear. Apple fans. The company is not going away. It will still sell over two hundred million iphones this year and for many years to come. But clearly the iphone has peaked in apple is now pouring its resources into making up the shortfall by investing in its services division. This is where those nag messages come from to buy extra storage. I cloud rent a movie, and I tunes or by abul-kheir along with your new either. Vice and now apple will nag a little harder and urge you to try out to new services. The texture magazine subscription service is expected to be folded into the apple news app, and an untitled entertainment service will offer movies and TV shows Allah. Netflix analyst, gene, Munster thinks affable charge. Four dollars monthly to watch. Which sounds like a bargain compared to the average twelve bucks for Netflix ex. But then the apple service will have way fewer titles. That's your apple update. I'll be back to you tomorrow with the full Monty on what Tim cook it company announced on the earnings call. I'm Jefferson Graham looked for me on Twitter at Jefferson Gran. Don't forget the subscribe to talking tech where ever you listen to online audio favourite us on Stitcher, which helps more people find the show and thanks everyone for listening. Talking tech is brought to you by wicks dot com. When you're ready to get your website up and running you wanna be able to do it quickly and efficiently and wicks dot com has got you covered. They developed artificial design intelligence that creates a stunning website for you with wicks, you can create your own professional website right from your phone, which means you can open your own online store portfolio or blog wherever you are. How's that for efficient? Just go to wicks dot com. Decide what you need a website for pick your style at your own images link your social accounts and just like that your website is ready. You'll look amazing on every device desktop and mobile and it takes less than five minutes. Plus, you can do it with one hand. So it's time to get started. Go to wicks dot com. That's W I X dot com and create your very own beautiful professional website today.

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