Reba McEntire returns strong as host of ACM Awards


Little thing she said why do think it's interesting entertainer the year five men where the women oh really no women were waiting women were nominated for entertainer leary's this year was a man mana palu that just seems unbelievable because the top my top three performances were carry a major would pretty cry that new cry pretty maranda lambert singing her song plane or guitar signed by loretta lynn and then reba and kelly at the end together was that they're good song that we love i can't think of the song's name but you know reba used to be kelly's motherinlaw the yeah yeah yeah and then keith urban winning with carrie underwood he also performed and he was really really good as always but here's reba mcentire joking about as em's this year i'm following some guys who've done such a great job is host luke and darks and before that luke and blake i guess they finally figured out that it only takes one woman to do the job the two men i really do love you both really all three of you a lot has happened since the last acm awards jason aldean's has a new baby god has twins chris stapleton expecting twins i guess what happened in vegas comes out national nine months later and later in the show she updated everybody 'cause chris stapleton wasn't a couple of words they had twin boys that night last night entertainer of the year was jason aldean's i just never forget about him making out with the lady who's now his while he was married to his high school sweetheart bhagat long gossip memories.

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