Tens of thousands of Syrians celebrate independence day

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The experts refute the false version which served as a reason for the strikes carey died for the united states britain and france against defenceless syria and as the diplomatic fallout continues following those as strikes on saturday syria is today marking its national day the anniversary of when it gained independence from france lease to set reports from damascus today marks the day when syria achieved full independence in nineteen forty six when the last french soldier left this country this year for syria's government it has added resonance coming just days after british french and american airstrikes hit suspected chemical sites western officials had said they wanted to send a clear your message to president assad he's now sending a clear message back that he's stronger than ever every day since the strikes his supporters have gathered in central damascus to rally around the flag and to condemn the western operations as a failure these two satun damascus president trump's personal lawyer michael cohen has appeared in court in new york after the fbi raided his home and office last week and seized computers phones and documents mr cone is the subject of a criminal investigation though he hasn't been charged with anything among those in court was the adult film star stormy daniels who says that in twenty sixteen she was paid by mr karen to keep quiet about an alleged affair with donald trump she spoke to reporters after the hearing years mr cohen has acted like he is above the law is considered himself an openly referred to himself as mr trump's fixer he's played by a different set of rules or or should we say no rules that all my attorney and i are committed to making sure that everyone finds out the truth and i give my word that we will not rest until that happens correspondent in new york knick branch told us what happened well we had a media circus quite frankly because michael kern wasn't the only person who is also in court was stormy daniels so it attracted hundreds of ten let's it was a real scrum side the.

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