Obesity, Stein and Alzheimer's Disease discussed on The Patricia Raskin Show


Each of them have okay here's how you know if you have it and here the simple strategies the are retirement age on when you stop one in your brain starts stein go making new learning i just played the piano for half an hour see you bring his release weren't arched are you there yeah yeah i was saying so you brain a supercharged doing activity like that playing the piano right and there's actually a brand new study out yesterday the children who play it improves their memory and their ability to focus the music is a major positive strategy so why do you think that we have so many problems today with dementia is it the same as it was twenty five or thirty years ago or has it gotten worse in terms of brain function declining as we get older as we get older it will get is we live longer alzheimer's disease is going to get worse 'cause ages the major risk factor we've had a dramatic increase in many of the rest doctors so for example obesity is a risk factor diabetes is a risk factor having more sleep related problems and sleep apnea increased so we've dramatically increased our risk.

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