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In Our Time


This is the bbc this podcast is supported by advertising outside the uk this is the bbc firms for learning this episode who've been our time there's a reading list to go with it on our website and you can get news about our programs if you follow us on twitter at bbc in our time i enjoyed the programs hulo in five twenty bc darius the great started building on the site persepolis the ceremonial city of the persians and for almost two centuries this was the richest place on earth it's extravaganza mark of the ruler's power as kim kings over land stretching one terms from libya to pakistan from egypt up to the russian steps this is accumulated empire and it was then the largest in the world when inactive revenge vandalism alexandra mastodon sector city in three thirty bc it said he removed two hundred wagons of gold and silver some of the tributes and taxes from across the empire with meeting discuss the rise and fall of persepolis are loyal journal professor of ancient history abuna ministy best to salvage curtis curator a middle eastern coins the british museum and then jalen electra in greek and near eastern history at king's college london loyd will jones darius the great was head of what's known as the ketamine empire what worries origins oh the persians originate from so that people version is iran that we could change modern day iran we thinking of the iranian plateau the the essential border still of iran but of course as you said the empire was so much bigger the original persians came in in nomadic formation they were nomadic tribes from the steps of your asia in the second millennium bc they went into different parts of iran taking on different traditions in the north of iran then with the meads people probably hit of those and in the south south west of iran this is where our persians settle the indo european speakers so the languages are.

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