Trump arrives in Singapore for historic summit with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un


In the month of may steve's cassini will explore the real story behind the numbers coming up at nine thirty five tomorrow morning right here on wtmj wtmj news time seven thirty colleen bowland standing by right now the wtmj breaking news center thank you mark president trump has arrived in singapore airforce one touching down just moments ago for this week's summit with north korean leader kim jong un over that country's nuclear program and the historic first meeting between the two the president has said he'll follow his instincts cbs news correspondent ben tracy in singapore says both sides are looking for a win stakes are high for both sides here president trump walks out of this with nothing to show for the summit there will be criticism that he basically gave kim jong a propaganda win by acknowledging kim jon moon and use nuclear program to degree that the american president would sit down and talk a new study shows wisconsin's poverty rate increased in two thousand sixteen and children were especially impacted this despite the states job growth during that span the report shows the states poverty rate rose ten point eight percent in two thousand sixteen from nine point seven percent in two thousand fifteen and the walkie celebrates fifty years of the beautiful game the milwaukee kickers soccer club started up in nineteen sixty eight the kicker is now one of the largest youth soccer clubs in the country wtmj hell i w i dot com timesaver traffic the roads still looking good this morning ninety four inbound highway sixteen.

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