06-08-18 Seg 3 Mens Room Goes To Sushi City


Is that american justice well that's what they're doing marty and that's the key if that's the kind of america you want not the kind of america i wanna share with you buddy i think that we have to find a solution in this no tolerance policy is not the solution i wait wait in some cases these children that are separated from their parents they're traumatized first of all and they don't know that they'll ever see their parents again in this case of the three year old boy that was sent to detroit his mother is still in honduras his father is locked up somewhere and he's alone with a foster parent he has no idea where his parents are and has no way of communicating with them and that's not humane i'm sorry he may be entitled in many of these children to retribution but yeah it's incredible that we don't have an immigration policy but when obama was in office and the and the republicans before they took control of congress and saying we need immigration reform they got control of the congress they said oh no we're not we're not passing an immigration bill because we don't trust obama to enforce it now they have both houses of congress the white house i they passing an immigration bill it's all in that oh in their court right now why am i why.

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