Golden State Warriors defeat Cleveland Cavaliers to win third NBA championship in 4 years


Ninety four w i p we will be getting live reports from kyw's ed benkin beginning with a preview at twelve forty five jake arrieta takes the hill for the phillies reese hoskins has been activated from the disabled list and is in the lineup this afternoon batting second to make room dylan cousins has been placed on the ten day deal with a left quad strain and after a rough road trip the phillies returned home to what they thought would be a bit of relief but ended up losing last night by a score of twelve to four the nba season came to an end last night with the golden state warriors winning the championship for the third time in four years after beating the cavaliers last night the sixers joel embiid already tweeting for lebron drain james to trust the process as for leaving cleveland now the one thing that i've always done this is considered obviously my family understanding especially when my boys are at this point in their age they were a lot younger the last time i made a decision like this for years ago and i got a teenage boy a preteen and a little girl right now it wasn't around as well so you know sitting down and and considering everything you know but you know my family is huge part of whatever i've decided to.

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