Cleveland House Explosion Ravages Neighborhood, Leaves 1 Dead


The devastation of hurricane maria last fall today's celebration on fifth avenue feature floats musicians and brightly colored costumes new york governor andrew cuomo was among the dignitaries on hand for the event organizers say the parade we'll be honoring first responders at others who stepped up to help with both emergency efforts at ongoing recovery work wbz news time five twenty one woman is dead and a man is in critical condition after a house explosion in cleveland ohio deputy fire chief robert benjamin says some nearby homes are also affected were heavy damage to multiple houses weather's went as being sat out of blown out or structured and a dog named zeus who lived in one of the destroyed homes somehow survived the explosion and was found okay it turns out the two days before a south florida woman was killed by an alligator an email was sent to people in the neighborhood warning about a gator in the waterfront community where she lived the sun sentinel reports it's unknown if the victim ever got that warning the email from the homeowners association said an alligator have been trapped at a residence front door and warned people to be careful the woman was attacked and killed about walking her dogs near the water mendy kaeling takes on president trump in her commencement address to dartmouth college graduates she says the president may have tweeted us into war with wauconda the fictional country from black panther the thirty eight year old actress writer and comedian graduated from the ivy league school in twenty zero one and received an honorary degree during today's ceremony kaeling says president trump is a testament to how far someone can go if they believe they are the smartest most successful person in the world she encouraged the graduates to have in her words insane confidence in themselves even if it's not real her new film by the way the female lead oceans eight opened at number one this weekend italy's men's soccer team may have failed in its world cup efforts but as abc's megan williams reports the women's team is another story the first time in twenty years italy's women's soccer team qualified for the world cup beating portugal three nothing coach milan better leany told rai tv that the team has been.

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