3 picketers hit by vehicle during UC strike near UCLA


Protesting i should get to the end of the blood story though right we didn't really wrap it up with a nice little bow about what had happened because we did figure out what had happened what happened well we figured out that rich murata had a little cut on his arm that it bled blood pretty good from that from that cut it's a small cut but the blood was flowing but he's fine we got band aid on the bleeding has stopped right and see if that guy has gotten back to us it was like a a mystery wrapped in a i'm sorry i screwed up the line i'd say it's like a mystery couched in a riddle csi because i had to get the paper on the blood to see if in fact it was blood and not like motor oil right and it was it was fresh blood sorry when we come back speaking of csi few cold cases that have been solved in the last couple of days because of dna if you've killed someone and you got away with it the dna technology has caught up to well a lot of guys a lot of people i would be very nervous about it the golden state killer was just the beginning during channel will continue monica rix has update on the news hey syphilis is bringing a bunch of health officials together today in palm desert their meeting this afternoon to talk about syphilis spike in the coachella valley the average syphilis rate there is thirty two per one hundred thousand people statewide sad rates of spice forty five percent in the past five years a van crash outside of a dutch newspaper building is being called an attack on the free press man rammed a van into the newspaper's headquarters in amsterdam this morning then set the car on fire and jumped into a getaway car at accused drug kingpin joaquin guzman known as el chapo he's back in federal court today for a hearing he's a accused of ordering hits on thousands of people as head of a drug cartel and shipping several tons of cocaine from mexico to the us he has pleaded not guilty whether in this hour of kfi.

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